What we do


Creative Advertising

Packaging Design

We design products by focusing on discovering a unique space for the brand to live in, differentiate from competition and communicate all product’s elements.

Social Media

We develop effective messages /content.
Then, we implement an effective media plan based on your strategy and budget.


We develop websites, that conveys
excellent design & functionality.
Search Engine Optimization.


Helping you to end up with the best
branding proposition for your brand.

Video Marketing

We produce impactful and creative films for social media. Company profile videos.
Animated presentations.

Above The Line

Produce creative mass media messages for TV, Radio, Print to link your brand with your audience. Media plans based on brand guidelines, resources & goals set.


We create strong identity for your business
[Name, Logo, Color, Corporate font, Business card etc] Based on your Strategy.

Bellow The Line

Concept & mechanism.
Design and print of POP materials.
Implementation at the points of sales.

Scouting Videos

At Leapfrog we create player’s Highlights, Highlights breakdown or Scouting videos for athletes that conveys excellent mix
of style and function.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing Strategy

Developing a holistic 360 marketing plan for your products or services based on your needs.

Executive Selection

Assist you to identify, evaluate and select executive and senior commercial personnel (Marketing/Sales).

Product Development

Guide you through New Product Development process. From idea generation & concept writing/testing to the real product on shelf.


We run reorganization projects for various purposes: improving efficiency, cutting costs, repositioning business, changes due to mergers/acquisitions.

Recovery Programs

Design and helping you to implement business development or recovery programmes based on agreed targets & goals.

Export Strategy

Develop actionable geographical
expansion action plan based on your business capabilities, needs and long-term strategy.