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Why need a video

Teams, coaches, player’s managers or scholarship managers of schools and universities have no time and resources to travel to see hundreds of athletes on the courts. For this reason, it is vitally important for any athlete to have a well-structured, professional level video with highlights or a scouting video. Leapfrog,  combines the know-how in video making with the specialized knowledge of sport’s experts in order to highlight in the best and most reliable way, the talent, potential and style of an athlete to the interesting parties.

It's so simple

  1. Send us 2-4 videos with your best games and some photos of your self . You can send via e-mail, YouTube links, wetransfer or a hard disc.
  2. Give us your information by filling-in the Athlete’s data sheet. Just press the button bellow:

3. Get your draft highlight or Scouting video within 3-4 days

4. Let us know your comments

5. Recieve your Scouting video link within the next day

Why with us

We create player’s Highlights, Highlights breakdown or Scouting videos that conveys excellent mix of style and function:

  1. Professional video footages (choice from a list)
  2. Player Introduction/ending cards
  3. History/achievements
  4. Best plays reel (at the beginning)
  5. Skills overview
  6. Plays grouping in chapters per skill
  7. Introduction card for each chapter/skill with key comments
  8. On play sports expert’s comments (subtitles)
  9. Player isolation
  10. Slow motions/replays
  11. Animated symbols
  12. Background music & mix with game’s sound
  13. On-line delivery within 3-4 days
  14. Statistics, Strength/weaknesses analysis etc. (on demand)
  15. Final clip delivery after incorporation of player’s comments & feedback
  16. Very competitive pricing (excellent price/quality relationship)

Show your skills in an impressive but very professional way & share it with teams, couches, scholarship managers or your friends.

We value the most

  1. Explosive Athletism
  2. Relentless Character
  3. Ambidexterity
  4. Versatility
  5. Ideal Body Frame
  6. Shooting Potential
  7. Court Vision (Passing Ability)

"If opportunity doesn't knock, then build a door.
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Leap yourself”


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