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At Leapfrog, we are a small, highly experienced, intergraded team of executives  and creatives who can act with speed and flexibility without any compromise on the quality of services we provide.

No matter how big or small, local or global, BTB or BTC is your business we are always striving to go the “extra distance” you need in all what we do.


Creating Value for your brands-business


Packaging Design

Design products by focusing on discovering a unique space for the brand to live in, differentiate from competition and communicate all product’s elements.

Branding & Identity

Ending up with the best branding proposition for your business-products, (Strategy, Name, Logo, Color, Corporate font, Business card etc), Based on your Strategy.

Social Media

Develop awesome, high quality content for your business. Then, we implement an effective media plan to deliver the message to the right target group based on agreed strategy.

Web Design

We create websites or e-shops, which conveys excellent design & functionality. Then we promote on-site and/or off-site to achieve quantitative goals set.


We provide high quality, creative videos to deliver the right message to your consumers via social platforms or any other type media.

Below The Line

We propose Concept & mechanism based on your needs. Design and print of POP materials. Implementation at the points of sales.

Above The Line

Produce creative mass media messages for TV, Radio, Print to link your brand with your audience. Media plans based on brand guidelines, resources & goals set.


1 Marketing Strategy.
2Product Development
3 Recovery Programes.
4 Executive Selection
5 Export Strategy.
6 Re-organization.

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Reasons to Cooperate

Experience. More than a decade of successful presence in the advertising market, combined with at least 20 years of working experience in senior management positions in consumer goods organizations in Greece and abroad.

Comprehensiveness. Understand your need(s) straight away and we are able of taking your brief “one step further”, simply because we were in the same side with you for many years.

Beliefs. We do not work having “advertising awards” in our minds but we are committed to the end result for our clients. After all, we know that no matter how good an advertising is, what counts the most is the result in the short-term: net sales & profit uplift but also in the long run: business/brand value improvement.

Holistic approach. We approach your project strategically and propose effective 360-degree advertising by mixing the old traditional principles of Marketing with new fresh methods (Digital/Social media/Internet etc) and media based on your goals.

Bendability. We are a small but very experienced team with great flexibility. Whatever the size of the project is we strive for delivering high quality work, fast and always within deadlines.

Attitude. Communicate honestly, act with passion and “do more than we say”. We reward our collaborators for their creativity and we never killing new, fresh ideas just because “we know everything”


Branding. Helping you to end up with the best BRANDING proposition for your product/service.​

Message. We develop impactful MESSAGES to link your brand with selected audience/consumers.​

Link. Propose an effective media plan inline with agreed brand strategy, resources & targets set and agreed.​


“We provide instant, reliable, innovative, workable, measurable and customized marketing or business solutions to small or large organizations that have realised their need to ensure long-term and sustainable top-line and profitability growth, combined with strengthening their business value.”

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